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The Road

Band :
Title : The Road
Release Date : 2015
Label :
Catalog ref. : DRIFTW008
Format : Digital Download



“Songs are uniformly excellent. A rare talent. 9/10” UK Press Association

“Finely crafted songs. An excellent new album. 4 stars” Maverick

“I love this album. A very welcome return.” FolkRadio

“beaten-up vocals hewn out of rock and soaked in brandy and cigarettes”

“Well worth checking out. 4 stars” The Irish News

“An understated gem” Fatea Records

“Springsteen and Waits guest at a Levellers show” R2 Magazine

“This album is truly wonderful” Rock Society Magazine

“Beautiful…made a good record of it too hope we meet somewhere sometime” David Crosby


This delayed second album from the much-feted singer songwriter who lost six months to concussion last year after falling and hitting his head is an understated gem that builds on the solid foundations laid by his 2012 debut Fire in the Doll’s House.

His much lived-in voice – think John Martyn, or Michael Chapman, or Joe Cocker perhaps – is well suited to the tales of moving on, keeping on, marching on that he excels at, bring fresh impetus to ideas that can easily become mired in cliché. Likewise, Moriarty mines a rich vein in protesting about injustice and inequality, managing to combine righteous indignation with a killer chorus and big arrangement on the rollicking, fiddle-fuelled Wake Me Up, while the stirring closer Rise Again adds set-jawed defiance to the mix. Me and the Sun reports mankind’s failings in search of the good stuff, Take Everything From Me is a celebration of great love, They Sing For You gives the band a workout with some telling organ interventions, but for me the stand out is the loping Wheel of Fortune with its yearning vocal and world weary sentiments sounding like a long lost nugget from the early 1970s.

Nick Churchill

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