Tom Moriarty is a British singer-songwriter of “rare talent” with a distinctive vocal style somewhere between the rage of Eddie Vedder and the soul of Ray Lamontagne.  

He released his critically acclaimed debut album in 2012 entitled “Fire in the Doll’s House”, with one single making the Radio 2 playlist and national spot plays for other tracks.  It was awarded 4 stars by Q mag, Guitarist, Maverick and OK magazine, “..a gruff voice and thoughtful, classic roots rock” 4 stars, Q magazine.  He was also written up in the Sunday Times culture section who, picking up on the substance within his lyrics as well as the accomplished musicianship, proclaimed “the protest singer has a pulse again.”  Access All Areas proclaimed “singer songwriter music at its best.”

 This was followed by an EP in 2013 entitled “Snapshots of Reality” which Modern Rock Review described as a “pristine EP of modern folk” and a “collection of musical gems deserving high recognition and acclaim.” 

 In 2015 Tom released his second album “The Road” attracting positive reviews from industry writers and folk rock royalty alike.  On hearing the lead single from the album “Me and the Sun” David Crosby commented,  “That’s beautiful…real fine, made a good record of it too. Hope I meet you somewhere sometime.” The Press Association proclaimed that the “10 songs on the album are uniformly excellent” and that Tom is a “performer of rare talent. 9/10”. Maverick magazine said “An excellent new album.  Classy stuff. 4 stars” commented, “I love this album.  A very welcome return.”  Fatea Records called it “An understated gem”

 He released his third album “The Shore” in December 2017.  A solo performance recorded live in a small chapel in a tiny mountain village, it is a collection of songs mostly written since leaving London in the Spring of 2016 to live in the mountains in France.  “London has changed a lot, its soul is being sold. It was getting too hard to breathe.” 

The album has been well received, “a noble intensity held within his rough-hewn vocals.” R&R magazine, “it’s a joy to discover Tom Moriarty” Acoustic Magazine, “underlaying his songs is a captivating intrinsic beauty” Acoustic Magazine, “With a sound recalling Ray Lamontagne and John Martyn his songwriting more than stands up to peers past and present.” Strangebrew.

Tom is currently working on his next studio album to be released later in 2018.

With a strong track record and critical acclaim, a voice “hewn out of rock and soaked in brandy and cigarettes” and growing recognition, Tom Moriarty is rapidly establishing himself a reputation as one of the finest British singer-songwriters to emerge in recent times.