With Tom’s new album due for release in a few months time, here’s a chance to download one of the album tracks for free from Soundcloud.  The track is called “By Your Side” and you’ll find it here at Tom’s Soundcloud page.

Tom talks about writing the song..

“I went into ‘solitary’ to write the lyrics for this one, had to go to some places and explore the past. I spent a long time and long nights thinking about these words. You’ll be amazed at how many ways there are of expressing “if the dark should reign the day and the ghosts should rule the night.” I thought, as well, about the bridges relating to each verse which is why we have “fight” followed by “do or die” and “storm” followed by “come hell or high [water]”… The chorus reflects how much you will stand by someone no matter what, it’s about unconditional love, strength, friendship and loyalty, so “together we’ll hold back the tide”. We know we might not be able to hold back the tide but when you stand with someone you stand with them and that’s it. The middle 8 is about supporting someone and helping someone along their path, and understanding how important it is to follow it and be true to your soul. Man, there are many stories behind these lyrics. There’s also some beautiful beautiful violin playing by Georgie Leach who’s off touring with Seasick Steve in the Spring. Seriously good.”