Suspension from Twitter

As some of you may have noticed my account has been suspended from twitter. I am awaiting clarification as to the reason for this action. It would appear the account has been suspended for expressing my political view point.  As many of you know I have expressed strong opinions against bigotry, religious intolerance and the rise of fascism.  You will also know that I express those same opinions in my music. It’s about justice.  If you don’t like it, don’t listen.  We must not appease hate for that only leads to a path of darkness… and we’ve been down that road before.


You call it politically correct, I call it respect.

“The Protest singer has a pulse again” The Sunday Times

“****” Q Magazine “****” Guitarist “****” Irish Times





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“The title track, the stunning Me And The Sun, gorgeous They Sing For You and closer Rise Again, showcase a performer of rare talent.”

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